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Products on the market

Agent binding transformation process

All our development is generally based on sodalime glass use but also scorias of plant, urban waste treatment system and mud of water treatment.

Glass comes from waste or other elements including glass : colored mixed glass or other very fine from industry wastes .  
These wastes have no direct application on recycling market. They are used on other specific areas like capping field, ditch or even beach otherwise they go to waste reception center. 

We use also glass rejection produced at the time of grinding and of glass recycling classification which may be a percentage of total treated product. 


 Our finished range products



STABIL’SPORT® flooring presents itself as a sandy stabilized soil of between 6 and 7 cm thick, created from a low dosate glass cement.


STABIPAQ® flooring presents itself as a strength stabilized soil which offers an natural appearance by its free-grained refusal.


ENVERR’PAQ® flooring presents itself as a very strength stabilized soil, exposed free-grained, made in part with local crushed sand.






D’ECOVERR® flooring presents itself as a semi-smooth soil while keeping a natural appearance.




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