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Our way

ESPORTEC ECO-INDUSTRIEL creates high quality outdoor flooring since 1997

From the outset, the will of our compagny was to combine innovation and ecology. So we created a new glass-based binding agent: The ECOSTABIL, patented and award-winning. (Labels and certifications)

Throughout our history, we have benefited from various supports (BRGM, Eco-emballages) until our association with a Spanish group, which gave a European dimension to our business. Today, this association allowed us to take the project to a new level in the diversification of our products and to extend our competences in the other areas.

Moreover, our R&D department has been able to develop new glass-based binding agents, like the slag-based ones.

In the very near future, ESPORTEC will offer special mortars, cements for smooth to very high chemical resistance tread and premaking.

Our company is voluntarily turned towards sustainable development and the High Environmental Quality.

Indeed, cement glass that we use is based on the micronization of glass packaging final waste, demolition waste and used windscreen, not recyclable in the glass industry. 

From this new binding agent, we have learned specific features to create environmentally friendly products differentiated also by the three phases of their set: immediate, medium term and very long term.

Thanks to these properties, our products are distinguished by their remarkable strength, their longevity and their natural appearance.