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ESPORTEC, outdoor flooring expert : urban, landscaped and  sportive stabilized soil

Our commitment :

Offer you products  which are part of circular economy, HQE projects and sustainable development approach.

EUROPEAN MEASURES TO THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY                                                           7-12-2015

The EEC fully committed to the evolution of the economic model towards a circular economy adopted a broad agenda including economic, political, social, environmental measures ... in order to promote circular economy, one of the four pillars of the energy transition.

Press release of december 2, 2015 : Closing the loop: Commission adopts ambitious new Circular Economy Package to boost competitiveness, create jobs and generate sustainable growth.

Our products fit perfectly into the business model change request made by the European authorities towards the circular economy (measures adopted December 2, 2015)


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The world is moving towards sustainable development.

Today, European Commission try to change the current economic model towards a new circular economy through targeted actions ( measures adopted on 2nd December 2015)

Our company has anticipated this change since 1997. Engaged in a R&D approach, we have developed and always develop environmentally friendly patented cements based on waste glass.

Our binding agents offer a range of products, very strength, with natural appearance, which are ideally suited for any project from footpath to car park including bike-way.

Thanks to ESPORTEC, your projects will fully fit with European Commission request from changing economic model towards circular economy.